Some people have challenging children when it comes to decorating their bedrooms. We have listed some time tested and kid-approved ideas for decorating a child’s bedroom.

1 – Storage

Kids have a lot of stuff, and if yours don’t, they will. Just give it time! That said, kids need lots of nooks and crannies to put their stuff. Gadgets and gizmos of all kinds need homes too! Self-assembly box shelves are fairly easy to assemble and very affordable. There are tons of design and color options to fit just about any bedroom and for either boy or girl.

2 – Let There be Light!

Kids love lights, and with today’s LED technology, we can afford more lights. A few strands of Christmas lights or some outdoor hanging lights can accent your child’s room in many ways. Purchasing the LED lights will save you a boatload on money and your child will be loving the lights for years to come.

3 – Wall Decor

You can generally find wall decor just about anywhere. First, you must know what your child likes. Superheroes? Marvel? Space and the Universe? Sometimes wall stickers will make your child happy. How about some rainbows and unicorns?